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Essential Massage Packages

The Bronze Package

THREE, Sixty Minute Sessions. This Package is best if you've just started receiving massage and you're trying to get your body acclimated to having therapeutic work, consistently.

The Silver Package

THREE, Ninety minute Sessions. If you love being pampered. This is the perfect package for you. Each session will be equipped with a free add on of your choice, excluding the herbal foot immersion.

The Copper Package

SIX, Sixty Minute Sessions. This package is ideal for anyone who is looking to receive massage on the consistent basis. If you're a client who suffers from chronic tension, and need back to back work, this is the package for you.

The Gold Package

SIX, Ninety minute Sessions. Talk about a month of self care. Once again, if you'd love a month of self care, exceptional rest and restoration. This is your package. Chronic aches and pains, wanna add hot stones, aroma therapy or a foot scrub every session? Feel free.